77 Islands

77 Islands
Firstly, here a reserve link to play this game.

It is a kind of a multidimensional game, where you play games inside the game to achieve the final goal. It is a board game and also a shooter. Your final target is to get to the last island through many others. There are 77 islands in total. You may get there with the minimum moves and minimum scores or it may turn out a long journey with many hurdles. It is up to the dice. The more moves it takes you to get to the target, the more points you get.

I tell you by secret, there are 3 secrets hidden inside the game.

(Hint: Two are impossible without the first. Curiosity and wits!!! Once you find it, the other two are the matter of ...
2nd hint: There is no island you can't land on!)

Good luck! Use mouse while on the main game screen. Once in the battle scene, you will have to use arrow and the space keys on your keyboard.

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