New Games 2019 - 2018
‏إظهار الرسائل ذات التسميات Adventure Games. إظهار كافة الرسائل
‏إظهار الرسائل ذات التسميات Adventure Games. إظهار كافة الرسائل

Black Sun

Name :   Black Sun
Age-appropriate : +10
Keywords :   Black Sun, Action Games, Adventure Games, Arcade Games, Army Games

Western Front 1914

Name :   Western Front 1914
Age-appropriate : +10
Keywords :   Western Front 1914, Action Games, Adventure Games, Arcade Games, Army Games

Jungle Assassin

Name :   Jungle Assassin
Age-appropriate : +10
Keywords : Jungle Assassin, Free Jungle Game, Tarzan Flash Game, Flash Free Game 

Nimian Hunter

Name :   Nimian Hunter
Age-appropriate : +10
Keywords : Nimian Hunter, Animal Games, 3D Games, Adventure Games 

Family Barn

Name :   Family Barn
Age-appropriate : +10
Keywords : Family Barn, Animal Games, 3D Games, Adventure Games 

Earn to Die 2012

Name :   Earn to Die 2012
Age-appropriate : +10
Keywords : Earn to Die 2012, Truck Games, Car Games, Adventure Games 

The Most Wanted Bandito 2

Name :   The Most Wanted Bandito 2
Age-appropriate : +10
Keywords : The Most Wanted Bandito 2, Adventure Games, Arcade Games, Shooting Games 

Mario Fruits

Name :   Mario Fruits
Age-appropriate : +5
Keywords : Kids Games, Adventure Games

Pyramid Adventures

Name :   Pyramid Adventures
Age-appropriate : +8
Keywords : Shooting Games, Zombie Games, Adventure Games

18 Wheeler 3

Name :   18 Wheeler 3
Age-appropriate : +8
Keywords : Adventure Games, Truck Games, Driving Games

Stan Skates

Name :   Stan Skates
Age-appropriate : +6
Keywords : Skate Boarding Games

Zombie Hero

Name :   Zombie Hero
Age-appropriate : +10
Keywords : Zombie,Hero,games,fighting

Adventure Mitch

Game Type : Adventure 
Keywords : Adventure,Mitch,games,game,free
Age-appropriate :  + 5

A Tale of a Whisp

A Tale of a Whisp
A sinister force called Greedbane has came upon fields and forests, enslaving the little spirits of nature. As a Wisp fairy, you must free the forest sprites and escape to safety. Use your skills to run, fly, evade the traps, obstacles and evil spirit guardians of Greedbane. Use arrow keys or WASD for movement. Hold W or UP for flying. Pick up the spirits and bring them home.

Pork BBQ Sandwich - dressupgirlus

Pork BBQ Sandwich - dressupgirlus - Girl, Babi is a super star and she loves cooking so much. Therefore she decides to organize a wonderful competition: Master Chef. Our contestants must to pass three challenges: Pork BBQ Sandwich, princess Cake and Ice Cream Decoration to become the winner. Let's start..

And Anna is shy girl and she comes to Master Chef in order to change her life. Anna has to make Pork BBQ Sandwich at home in the shortest time and shows Babi that she is deserved to be appear in the live competition with others talented contestants. Can you help her a hand?

Small Safes House Escape 2

Small Safes House Escape 2
Take a look at rooms, examine them, find all items and solve all puzzles in order to open all locked safes, get door lock code and escape. Mouse to play.

Bank Rush

Bank Rush
Bank Rush is a fun point and click adventure. in this game, you're a professional thief, this time your mission is to find the golds inside the bank before time out! Use mouse to point and click in this game

Shower Escape

Shower Escape
Shower Escape is a point and click escape game from Rogue Joker.
Alice is sick of cleaning up after you, so she has locked you in the shower to teach you a lesson. Can you Escape?
Find hidden objects and clues to solve puzzles and escape.

Tomb Sibling

Tomb Sibling
P1:”A.D” Move around,”W” jump,”S” Attack the enemy/batter down box; rived at the door or well click “S “control into;
P2: “←→”Move around,”↓”Use a shield defense, At the same time press”↑”+” ←/→”Use a shield walk mobile.rived at the door or well click “↓“control into; Rob a tomb is a lot of want to strike it rich guys for the road. High thin and stout is also one of the tomb raiders, they is one of the outstanding person, two people close cooperation, stolen a very much graveyard, is rob a grave world celebrity. This time they came to a have never been one had found the tomb, ancient book records the cemetery dangerous, want to smooth rushed past, and two people together, to smooth customs clearance.

Star Way

Star Way
Fly over the space, dodge lazers, shoot canons, jump portals, avoid monsters! Feel youself a real pirate!

*** NEEDS wmode: "direct" *** Star Way in 3d made with Unity3d, collect as many coins as you can

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