smily word builder games

smily word builder games
The languages of the word are simply the evolution of basic Communication. Languages have evolved throughout centuries and there are hundreds of languages in practice throughout the world. People identify themselves with languages and they form groups, states and even countries based on languages.

However English has become the prominent of all languages due to several historic reasons and is spoken by a vast majority of the people around the world. So, it is a necessity that we master this omnipresent language. SmileClicker has always encouraged its users to play and think. This latest Skill game will be a feast for your mind. Do leave your comments and let us know what 1.Once you click play. You will be given a 6 alphabet combination. This will increase as the level progresses.
2.To get the first word you will have 59 seconds. Once you find click 79% of words you can reach the next level.
2.Click “Shuffle” to change the alphabet sequence (this will give you more ideas)
3.Click on a series of alphabets to make a word
4. To check if you are correct, click on “Enter”
5.If you had entered a correct combination you will be given extra time
6.If you have made a wrong combination click “Clear”
7.If you want to quit click “Finish” to know what all combinations were possible.
8.You can “Try Again” to get another set of alphabets.
9.There are 12 levels in all. Keep playing. All the best !!!

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