Modern Living Room Escape

Modern Living Room Escape
Every one of us will have a lifetime ambition. Though they will vary from people to people, some of them will be a dream shared by almost everyone. Living in a modern house is one such dream. Building a wonderful house with all our innovative thoughts is a happy experience.
This game revolves around one such modern Living Room which has got many designer products spread all across the room. Imagine that you have got locked up in one such room. A wonderful house now turns into a nightmarish place.
You need to find a key that will unlock the door. This key can be found only if you can find a few objects and solve a few puzzles. Go ahead and give your best shot. All the best!!! 1. The door has a lock with a 5 color combination lock.
2. You need to find the number sheets that have the same colors and open the door. Click on objects to get objects hidden beneath objects.
3. You need to find 6 Roses and use the flowers to decorate the room (TIP: Where can you place flowers in a room?).
4. After getting the first key now you need to find the number Combo to unlock the door.

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